Sunday, August 5, 2012

An Update and Abridged Maps

I’m probably not going to get the meta-ethics paper done this weekend, though I made a lot of progress. For those who are curious: it’s at about 75 pages single-spaced right now; I’d be stunned if it doesn’t end up topping 85 pages. So I seem to be in the habit of making the rare extremely long post as opposed to making numerous smaller posts (at least when it comes to philosophy; I doubt it will be the same for manga, video games, etc. since my discussions there will be more self-contained).  Given the extreme length of these posts, readers may have trouble keeping track of all the arguments. As they say: “you can get lost in the weeds,” or, “you miss the forest because of the trees.”

To remedy this problem, I will include a sort of abridged argument map for any of my long posts on philosophy (no, not that kind of “abridged series”). This should allow to reader to see the core points I am trying to get at in each section. And if the reader is curious about my supporting arguments for a particular claim, they can just read the appropriate section in the full post. I will definitely make maps for both “Ontological Arguments: A Critique” and my two upcoming posts “Morality: Realism, Nihilism, and God” and “Morality: Pluralism, Naturalism, and Nihilism.”

Hope this helps.

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