Friday, August 3, 2012

Getting things rolling again

Hello everyone.

The meta-ethics paper is beginning to eat my soul! At this point, it's taking more out of me than I expected and thus slows down my post rate. So I'm going to keep working on the paper, but meanwhile I'll be discussing other subjects as well. So I should be posting some stuff on music, manga, and video games soon. And maybe some other mildy interesting stuff as well. And if you have not already, please check out the following Youtube channels: MistyGothisTrenchantAtheistConsciousnessOnline, khanpadawanMrBtongue, and KnownNoMore, among others.

For death metal fans, or anyone who loves the sort of music I do, Archspire's released a new track off their upcoming album. Among the recently formed death metal bands, Archspire is probably my favorite and they seem to have the most potential. I think they'll be able to carry technical death metal into new directions since unlike most other TDM bands (with a few exceptions such as Atheist, Fallujah, Gorod, Son of Aurelius, and [of course] Spawn of Possession; along with metal bands outside of TDM such as Sigh and Septic Flesh), they aren't afraid to incorporate other musical styles and actually blend them well when they do (so no, Origin's new album does not count, nor does every other bands half-hearted instrumental sections that are never integrated into the rest of the song or album). Don't believe me? Listen to the last two tracks off of their debut All Shall Align, back-to-back: Rapid Elemental Dissolve and All Shall Align. One of the top 3 album closers I've ever heard. That, and they have one of my favorite vocalists; are catchier than virtually any other band, even in pop; Spencer Prewett is God; and their lyrics (especially on Rapid Elemental Dissolve) are ungodly.

Bye, and may Yuno watch you while you sleep.

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