Quick Scientific Debunking

After some reflection, I realized that the posts in the "Science (detailed discussion)" section may be too long and off-putting for some readers, even given the shorter summaries I included in each post. To address this issue, I started the "Quick Scientific Debunking" series below. This series includes shorter posts that address specific myths about science. I will still keep the "Science (detailed discussion)" page; that "Science (detailed discussion)" page will deal with topics in more depth and will debunk sources that contain numerous errors.

I. Climate Science Series

A. Myths about the Hot Spot
1. The Tropospheric Hot Spot is a Fingerprint of CO2-induced Global Warming  ("+References" version) 
2. The CCSP Presented Evidence Against the Hot Spot's Existence  ("+References" version) 
3. The Tropospheric Hot Spot does not Exist  ("+References" version) 
4. No Hot Spot Implies Less Global Warming and Support for Lukewarmerism  ("+References" version) 

B. Myths about the Existence of Temperature Trends
1. No Global Warming for Two Decades, from 1997/1998 to 2016/2017  ("+References" version)
2. Karl et al. of the NOAA Misleadingly Altered Ocean Temperature Records to Increase Global Warming  ("+References" version) 

C. Myths about the Causes of Temperature Trends
1. El Niño Caused Post-1997 Global Warming  ("+References" version)
2. The Sun Caused Recent Global Warming and the Tropical Stratosphere Warmed  ("+References" version)
3. Attributing Warming to CO2 Involves the Fallaciously Inferring Causation from a Mere Correlation  ("+References" version)
4. An Ice Core Shows a Spike in CO2 Levels without a Spike in Temperature  ("+References" version)
5. Santer et al. Show That Climate Models are Very Flawed  ("+References" version) 

D. Myths about Climate-Change-Related Effects
1. Polar Bear Population Numbers Imply that Man-Made Climate Change does not Negatively Impact Polar Bears  ("+References" version) 

E. Myths from Specific Contrarians
1. John Christy Thinks There is No Evidence of the Hot Spot  ("+References" version)
2. Judith Curry Fully and Accurately Represents Scientific Research  ("+References" version)  
3. Evidence Supports Curry's Claim Regarding Satellite-based Analyses  ("+References" version) 
4. On How the Operators of Judith Curry's Blog Respond to a Clear Fabrication 

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